TBW provides service only on equipment represented and found on this site.

In some cases, technical assistance may be provided remotely without the need for the product to be sent to TBW.

We do not provide technical assistance for other equipment as similar as the products may seem.

For equipment technical assistance, please contact our Technical Assistance Department via telephone or email atecnica@tbw.com.br and provide the following information:

* Defective product name. If possible, have the product ready

* Serial Number, Make and Model

* For electro-electronic equipment such as Bioimpedance and Calorimetro, have access to a working outlet and make sure the corresponding voltage (110V or 220V)

* Name of customer who originally purchased the TBW product (if applicable)

* Date of purchase (if not known at least approximately)

* Detailed description of the defect presented. Watch for any display messages and error codes (if any)


In others, you may need to ship the product.


However, it is extremely important to have prior contact with our Technical Assistance Department who will inform you of all the necessary procedures for sending.


The timeframe for issuing a quote varies depending on the product, damage suffered and spare parts availability. However, in general, the budget term is approximately 1 week (excluding shipping / return time)

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For FatCalChecker Software Technical Support, please contact our Support Department by email (email only) support@tbw.com.br and provide the following information:

* The browser used (Internet Explorer, Google Chrome)

* Equipment Serial Number

* Description of error displayed


Check in advance:

* Internet is working?

* Registered Administrator's CPF (who bought the device)

* Already registered the company, responsible technician and evaluated?

* Printer is plugged in and working normally?


Clique aqui   to send a message to the FatCalChecker Software Technical Support Department