To avoid any issues with your purchase, be aware:
a) the description of the product;
c) the color of the product
d) product dimensions

Refuse receipt if you notice any of the following:
(a) the damaged product in transit;
b) packaging violated;
c) missing accessories or items;
d) product in disagreement with the order;



Pursuant to Article 49 of the Consumer Protection Code, for purchases made off-premises, the consumer has up to 7 (seven) calendar days to regret the purchase and report the withdrawal to the supplier.
They will be accepted provided that:

The goods are returned in their original packaging without being used.

IMPORTANT: If not returned in these conditions TBW will not be required to accept the cancellation of the purchase. In this case, the return process will be canceled, the product returned to the customer with a report on the problem found and no refunds.

The right of repentance leads to the cancellation of the purchase and, just as the consumer is entitled to the refund of the amounts paid, the supplier has the right to receive the intact product, able to be re-sold, with no indication of use or damage. of product,

Defective product
Within 30 days of receipt of the product, the exchange / return procedure will follow the Consumer Protection Code. If the product is not repaired within 30 (thirty) days, it is up to the customer to choose from the following alternatives:

a) replacement of the product with the same or similar product.
b) refund of amounts paid by the customer.

The defective product must be shipped in its original packaging, TBW disclaims the responsibility to accept the exchange or return of any product where the defect has occurred due to misuse by the customer or in case of claims made after the deadlines. in this policy.

Reimbursement of Values
The amount paid by the customer for the product will be returned according to the payment method used in the purchase, but the amount ref. to freight.