Dear customer:


We are delighted and pleased to present you the Products and Services of our TBW Importadora / ACT Medical Group of Companies.


Focused exclusively on the healthcare segment, the TBW Importadora / ACT Medical Group is the market leader, with its pioneering characteristics, innovation, leadership, professionalism and respect for our customers.


TBW Importadora was founded in the 90's with headquarters in São Paulo; ACT Medical was founded in 2010 in the USA with the objective of offering a more economical and efficient option to our clients in Brazil and Latin America in general, including expanding the product portfolio.


We seek to select the best imported products (Bio-impedance, adipometer lange etc ...) from the most renowned companies, always combining high quality with affordable prices, since our main strategy is direct sale to the end consumer, without intermediaries or distributors.


We offer free technical training at our headquarters, as well as specialized scientific advice, relying on highly qualified professionals.


Our main goal is to offer you, our client, the most advanced products and services in the areas of Nutrition, Medicine, Physical Education, Physiotherapy and other health areas, striving for a personalized service and meeting your individual needs.


Check out our website and do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or need further technical guidance, as well as information on other products not listed in this Catalog.


We await your opinion and suggestion.




Ronaldo Mattar



* Medical, Nutritional Equipment, Physical Education, Physiotherapy and other health areas

 * Imported and National Products and Equipment

 * Free Training at our headquarters

 * Technical Assistance and Integral Warranty

 * Specialized Scientific Advisory and Consulting

 * Participation in Public Bids, in the mode of purchase by Direct Import (Pro-Forma Invoice)

 * Courses, Lectures and Workshops

 * Equipment Rental


  • Nutrition Area: Sports, Clinical, Functional, Personal Diet

  • Medical Area: Endocrinology, Nutrology, Aesthetics, Dermatology, Occupational MedicinE

  • Hospitals, Medical Clinics, ICU, Clinical Laboratories 

  • Sports Area: Physical Education, Personal Trainers, Sports Medicine, Exercise Physiology, Sports Centers / Clubs and High Performance Training, Gyms, Fitness Centers

  • Physical Therapy Area: Rehabilitation, Functional Therapy, Respiratory Therapy

  • Corporate Area: Quality of Life Programs, Preventive Health Programs

  • Hotels, Resorts, Spas

  • Home care

  • Educational Area: Universities, Colleges, Primary / Secondary Schools

  • Governmental and Institutional Bodies

  • Pharmaceutical Industry and Biomedical Research